Kidneys are organs responsible for filtering extra water and wastes out of your blood. When one suffers from kidney disease it means the kidneys are damaged not being able to filter blood. Hence, waste products and fluid can build up in your body resulting into health issues which can be serious and life-threatening.
There are various reasons like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, injuries, suppressed immune system, family history of kidney diseases, etc., can cause kidney failure.  
There are several stages of kidney disease. Permanent damage to kidneys is known as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). 
Your kidney can still function with minor damage but if it gets worse or untreated for long then CKD leads to End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) which refers to complete kidney failure and requires immediate treatment.

Studies show that 843.6 million people are approximated to have kidney disease worldwide and millions are at risk. 

The available options for treating kidney diseases remains as,
- Hemodialysis, 
- Peritoneal Dialysis
- Transplantation remains 
Kidney Transplantation is considered as the best treatment for people on dialysis. 
As an alternate treatment, Frequent Home Hemodialysis is advantageous including treatments, better clinical outcomes and quality of life as compared to incentre treatment.
Where kidney disease is becoming a growing challenge, dialysis demands advanced and innovative healthcare structure. The care facilities are much improved now to meet the needs of the patients delivering the suitable therapy. 

Now, you can decide and choose your way of therapy that suits your lifestyle with your doctor’s guidance!

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