Hemodialysis is a kidney dialysis treatment that replaces the work of healthy kidneys, to clear neurotoxins and extra fluid from the blood. Our dialysis service is done using a special filter called a dialyzer or artificial kidney. Traditional Home Hemodialysis therapy treatment allows a home hemodialysis nurse, technician or family member to perform sessions at home using this newest home hemodialysis machines which are designed to be user-friendly, making this dialysis machine for home use procedure to be performed easier than ever before.

We at HHD help the patient with staff-assisted home hemodialysis. Home Hemodialysis treatment permits a medical attendant, specialist, relative or a home hemodialysis nurse to perform sessions at home utilizing this most up to date home hemodialysis machines which are intended to be easy to use, making home dialysis service simpler than at any other time. With innovation support from HHD, you can enable your patients to pick the best methodology choice and increment your perceivability into staff-assisted home hemodialysis consideration.

Our home hemodialysis nurse experts are responsible for starting your kidney dialysis treatment procedure at each session, watching to make sure everything is going well during your home hemodialysis therapy. Home hemodialysis nurse also makes sure the dialysis machines for home use are ready and working correctly for each patient. When you are on home hemodialysis therapy, the dialysis technicians will make sure you have all of the supplies you need to do your kidney dialysis treatments. Our Hemodialysis treatment for kidney disease diagnosis involves more frequent, but shorter sessions performed at home three or four days a week for about two to three hours each time.

Our nephrology doctors are Board Certified in Internal Medicine and fellowship trained in Nephrology. The entire focus of our practice is the hemodialysis treatment of patients with kidney disorders. Our Nephrology Physicians strive to deliver personalized, educational and preventive health care options to provide long-term outcomes for our patients. The HHD staff of Nephrology specialists focus on the care of our patients with kidney disease. Our nephrology physicians and home hemodialysis nurse in Dubai provides dialysis service ranging from providing personalized diet plans, medication and exercise plan to stop the disease from worsening to kidney transplant and to manage more severe conditions.

Our team of highly trained, certified dialysis personnel is committed to caring for patients and working with their schedules to make sure they are well trained and feel confident initiating dialysis treatments. We at HHD provides the following Home Dialysis Treatment Options and Services:

Clinical and technical access around the clock
Medication delivery
Medication delivered to your doorstep
Nurse Assisted Home Hemodialysis available throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Weekly visits
Weekly physician visits to your home
Online access
Full dialysis online medical record access
Ambulance facilities
An ambulance available in case of an emergency
Lab Services
Laboratory services at your home

For more information regarding our home hemodialysis services, staff-assisted home hemodialysis, feel free to speak with a member of our care team.