The NxStage Home Hemodialysis System One was created with you as a patient in mind, designed to provide simplicity, flexibility, and portability without compromising safety. The NxStage Home Hemodialysis System One also is designed to overcome the challenges posed by traditional equipment and is the first truly portable NxStage home hemodialysis machine for home use. System One’s lightweight portability gives you the freedom to dialyze anywhere you want - in any room of your home or anywhere you want to travel.

The NxStage dialysis machine is the first and only truly portable hemodialysis system cleared for home use in the UAE. With the help of your care team, NxStage Home Hemodialysis Machine allows you to determine when, and how frequently you will perform your dialysis treatments, so they best meet your clinical and lifestyle needs.

NxStage dialysis machine is specially designed for patients to use in their homes and is small enough to allow patients to carry their dialysis treatment supplies with them. The NxStage Home Hemodialysis machine is a prescription device and, involves some risks. And Home hemodialysis with the NxStage dialysis machine during waking hours may not require a care partner.

No special modifications to your home is required
- No plumbing connections and a standard electrical plug minimizes the impact on your home.

How to setup and use NxStage home hemodialysis machine
- Drop-in cartridge allows one-step loading - Premixed bagged fluids, so no need for complex water purification equipment - Simple interface is designed to be easy to understand and use - Quick, wipe-down disinfection makes maintenance easy and safe - Dedicated support with NxStage representatives available 24/7.

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