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Home Hemodialysis is a homecare modality allowing an effective way of therapy for kidney diseases. Hemodialysis is a process that replaces the work of healthy kidneys, to clear wastes and extra fluid from the blood and send the clean blood back into the body, using a special filter called a dialyzer or artificial kidney.
Patients wish to have a high quality of life spending time among their family and friends experiencing a normal life without being bound within the hospital walls. An important aspect is overlooked over the time that matters most to the people is the quality of life. Therefore, Hemodialysis at home is now a specialized approach proven to be one of the best convenient option when compared to incentre dialysis treatment. 
Each session is done three to four times a week for three to four hours or longer at a pre-scheduled time. However, in our region we developed the first "Nurse Assisted HHD Program" whereby patients and caregivers are not trained to do the dialysis sessions themselves. We use NxStage System One, the only true portable hemodialysis system cleared for home use by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) since 2005. It is easy to use, portable and does not compromise on safety.  

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