1. How do we help the patient if they face any problem during dialysis? Is the doctor always available?

Why would the patient face any problem? Our machine is safe, and it is used in America and Europe by the patients themselves without the presence of any medical staff, it does not need programming, like the hospital machine, and the doctor is always available when you need him.

2. Do you provide hemodialysis service for people traveling outside?

Yes, we do provide hemodialysis treatment along with the machine and all consumables and disposables required for a complete dialysis session for patients traveling outside the country (the service will be paid by the patient).
To know more about it, visit the “Dialysis Abroad” page.

3. Why patients do 3 sessions of dialysis in the hospital while they do 4 sessions at home?

To reduce the complications of dialysis, we reduce the session duration and increase the number of sessions. So, we do a hemodialysis session for 3 hours instead of 4 hours according to the doctor’s prescription.

4. When and where was the company established?

HHD Health care was established in 2013 in United Arab Emirates, and we started expanding our business all over GCC countries since 2019.

5. Do you provide Hemodialysis service all over United Arab Emirates?

Yes, we do provide hemodialysis service all over UAE in all regions and at any place feasible for patients. It could be in the patient home, hotel, farm, etc…

6. Is Hemodialysis service covered by insurance?

Yes, hemodialysis treatments are covered by insurance.

To know more about it, visit the ” Insurance Coverage” Page.

7. Does HHD Health Care provide medication and laboratory tests for patients?

Yes, we are responsible for anything related to Hemodialysis through insurance.

8. What’s the difference between Hemodialysis at home and Hemodialysis at Hospital?

Home Hemodialysis is done at the comfort of the patient’s home, that makes it possible for them to do the sessions anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the home device neither require any programming nor transmit any infection as the fluids do not enter the device directly.
While Hemodialysis at hospitals make the patients feel uncomfortable, tired due to frequent hospital visits and long waiting duration, taking almost 7 hours for the whole process until they return home. Also, the hospitals give the patients only specific timing for their dialysis sessions which does not allow them the flexibility to dialyze anytime they prefer. In addition, the hospital device needs programming, and the process might transmit infection as the fluids enter the device directly if the device is not sterilized.

9. Does HHD Health Care provides a bed for the patient?

The insurance company provide beds for local patients.

10. Is the nursing staff qualified to use and install the device?

All medical staff, including doctors or nurses, are qualified and practically trained to use the device.