What is Home Hemodialysis?

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Home Hemodialysis is a homecare modality allowing to realize efficient and safe renal replacement therapy technique for patients with kidney failure and end stage renal disease. Hemodialysis is a process that replaces the work of healthy kidneys, to clear wastes and toxins and extra fluid from the blood and send the clean blood back into the body, using a special filter called a dialyzer or artificial kidney. As our kidneys are not anymore able to function, it helps to balance the blood pH and inject the vitamins and supplements needed, during the session.
Patients with kidney failure requiring dialysis, face several challenges limiting them to maintain an active life. They would like to benefit from the freedom to avail their chronic treatment whenever and wherever it fits in their everyday life. A portable dialysis machine makes their need possible providing an access to a high quality of life spending time among their family and friends experiencing a normal life without being bound within the hospital walls. An important aspect is overlooked over the time that matters most to the people is the quality of life and the recovery post-dialysis to realize their usual activities. Therefore, Hemodialysis at home is now a specialized approach proven to be one of the best convenient options when compared to in-center dialysis treatment.
Our Nephrologist Team will prescribe the required sessions per week and time tailored to your needs. HHD uses a high technology portable hemodialysis machine designed for home use which is approved by U.S.A Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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Medical Related Questions

1.Am I eligible for home hemodialysis?

Most of the patients are eligible for home hemodialysis. A patients must be clinically stable. A multidisciplinary team lead by the Nephrologist will plan and decide upon the assessment with your detailed medical report.

2. Which documents do I need to provide for the assessment?

The assessment is the first initiation process of HD at patient home, it’s a free consultation with the Nephrologist, therefore we will need your Identity document, Insurance details, medical report with the last 3 sessions of dialysis provided by your previous Nephrologist in the hospital, last cardiovascular clearance and medication list. We will then explain our full program organization during this consultation.

3.What is the difference between dialysis at home and dialysis in center?

The benefits of dialysis at home are multiple and that will be discussed during the assessment, however we would like to emphasize on the fact that the main differences are the improvement in quality of life avoiding the transport to the hospital, assistance by a dialysis nurse during all the sessions, visits by nephrologist at home, Consultation By renal dietician at home. The technique at home allows several benefits like improving the volume overload control, improvement in the blood pressure profile, avoiding the gap of 2 days off dialysis and all the cardiovascular complications related with it.

4.Which machine are you using?

We are using the latest innovation for dialysis machines at home, which is NxStage machine, the only machine approved by FDA for HHD. It uses a low flow dialysate allowing an effective clearance smoothly maximizing the safety and avoiding hypotensive episodes during the session and we use sterile bags for dialysate. We strictly follow the international Guidelines and protocols for Dialysis.

5.Can I perform home hemodialysis with CVC?

Yes, home hemodialysis can be performed through different vascular accesses:

  • Central venous catheter (CVC)
  • Native Arteriovenous fistula (AV Fistula)
  • Arteriovenous graft (AV Graft)

6.Can I do home hemodialysis after kidney transplantation failure or rejection?

Yes, after failure of graft you can go for home hemodialysis as a technique for renal replacement therapy.

7.Can I change the schedule of dialysis depending on my work engagement, studies etc.?

Indeed, home hemodialysis is very flexible technique as the machine is portable, so you can choose the schedule and the place that fits you better.

8. I am living in Dubai and work in Abu Dhabi so sometimes I need to do my dialysis in Abu Dhabi is that possible?

Of course, HHD is available in all UAE so if you have any engagement or family gathering in any place, we can arrange the session for you anywhere.

9.How can I check if my insurance is covering home hemodialysis?

Our insurance department and our case coordinators will help you to check the insurance coverage and they will provide full guidance for the required documents, for that we will require only your Emirates Id and your medical report from the hospital recommending home hemodialysis.

10.Will I have a good effective dialysis at home?

Home hemodialysis is considered as effective and safe technique for renal replacement therapy, so yes, you will have a very good quality of dialysis and our medical team will monitor your health outcomes through monthly laboratory tests, KT/V which is the parameter of quality of dialysis, and full lab test to check your electrolytes: Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Bicarbonate. We also monitor Anemia secondary to chronic kidney disease and provide treatment with – ESA (Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents) and Iron medications, if needed.

11. Should I need to pay for the service or for consultations or laboratory test?

All the service is covered by the Insurance as stipulated in the initial consent. However, if your insurance is not covering dialysis at home, you might have the possibility to pay the service.

12.What if I am admitted for surgeries or another reason?

During the admission, your dialysis will be done in the hospital until you get discharged.

13.Who should I contact if I need to change my schedule?

Every patient has a case coordinator contact that will provide full assistance to schedule, change and for any other information related to your hemodialysis.

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